Locally owned and operated, Dumpster On Demand combines decades of waste removal with some really smart people who understand the importance of keeping things simple.

Here are the dump-stars running the show:

Scott Brown
Scott BrownCaptain Container

Captain Container here!

First off, thanks for visiting our website. Without folks like you, we wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun out there on the streets! We LOVE our customers and whether you’re a new client or an old friend, WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS.

So sometimes I am asked, “What’s up with the whole Captain Container title?” To be perfectly honest, we were all sitting around the bar and settled on that one just before closing time. Around here we don’t take ourselves too seriously. What we do take seriously is each and every customer. When you call or tap into the website we will make sure your inquiry gets handled promptly and courteously. No runaround, no BS – just plain old great service. The guys who work here do it because we love the business and want to make sure you remember us each and every time you need container service.

As Captain Container, it is my sworn duty to uphold the integrity of our Trashparency service pledge. I will navigate through high winds, rough seas and treacherous ice to make sure your container always gets safely to your designated port of call. There are many dumpster pirates out there: the ones who don’t tell you about all their extra fees and fuel charges (until its too late) or the ones that rob you of your time and money when they promise and don’t deliver. Come sail with us and you won’t need to worry about your booty being plundered!

So that is the story and I am sticking to it. My partners, Trash Yoda and Sales Ninja are standing by.

Call or email us anytime and thanks for your business!

Chris Roberts
Chris RobertsTrash Yoda

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I have over 25 years experience in the waste hauling business I have worked for various small and large haulers. I believe in taking care of both the one time customer as well as the large customer.

In my free time I like spending time with my 3 sons. I also enjoy riding motorcycles in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter.

I started this company to offer an alternative to the larger companies that sometimes get to busy with some of their larger customers and sometimes can’t keep up with the work load that they sometimes run into. We strive in building both professional and personal relationships with our customers. When you call Dumpster on demand you will get a live person to answer any questions you may have as well as give some advice or guidance in your dumpster rental experience.

Morgan Brown
Morgan BrownContainer Consultant

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Sooo, a couple years back I was sitting in class at the Kelley School down at Indiana University and my mind wandered to the subject of trash. All kinds of trash and how I could rid the world of all things trashy. Thus was the start of my journey through America’s “wasteland”. OK that is totally not true but that’s the way I feel now! So what is my job at DOD? I am the happy voice you hear when you give us a call. I handle all things important to you, our customer. From scheduling, to billing, to service follow up, to just asking how your day has been going. I am here for you and because of you. I look forward to making sure your DOD experience is flawless and if for some weird reason it isn’t then I will fix it, FAST. Thanks for checking out my bio and let’s talk soon!

Brandi Meyer
Brandi MeyerDumpster Diva

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Dumpster Diva is now on board.

After talking trash for 17 years in the waste industry, I know that providing the customer what they need, when they need it, is the most important part of dumpster service. My entire career I’ve worked in the service industry and providing impeccable service is part of what defines me. I believe providing the best service at a fair price will create lifelong customers.

Years ago, while tending bar at St. Elmo Steakhouse, someone convinced me that providing dumpster service was a viable career choice. Now it’s my mission to rid you of your wasteful worries. I will guide and advise you every step of the way. You call, we haul. It’s that easy. My perspective on life is that tomorrow is never promised and today is a gift. Dumpster on Demand will haul away the extra baggage so you can enjoy the present.

As a local, family owned and operated waste hauler, we value our customers and know that a referral from a happy customer is our best opportunity to earn another new customer and friend. I look forward to providing you waste removal solutions.