Removing waste (and most of the fine print)

TransparencyDumpster On Demand offers a friendly approach to hauling trash. It’s kinda the way you’d do business – if you wanted to manage a bunch of big ol’ dumpsters, compactors, a fleet of trucks and all the handsome guys it takes to keep a business like this running.

Unlike other dumpster or compactor providers, we want you to know up front what you’ll get, how much you’ll pay and – sometimes even more importantly – when your dumpster will be where you need it to be.

So you don’t have to worry about having a place to put all that stuff you no longer want.

One of our marketing folks called it “Trashparency℠.” We like it since it pretty much says it all.

Give us a call or schedule your dumpster on this website. We’ll drop off your dumpster or compactor when we promise, give you as much time as you need to fill it up. Then come back and fetch it.


No unpleasant surprises. No extra fees. Just honest folks providing a service at a fair price.

The only additional fee we might have to charge is if you put a bunch of heavy stuff in the dumpster or compactor. (And we mean a bunch!) Our pricing is based on some pretty generous weights – we won’t charge you extra for that napkin you tossed in after lunch.

If you think you might have some heavy stuff, let us know up front. We’ll help you find the best option to get rid of the most stuff, for the least amount of money.

Dumpster and Compactor RentalThe Dumpster On Demand process

Look, we’re hauling trash, not building rockets or performing surgery. We get it.

Other companies try to over-complicate things, then ding you with hidden fees, fuel surcharges, penalties for one thing or another.

Nope. We drop off your dumpster or compactor when we say we will. You fill it up. Then we pick it up when you’re done. It’s that simple.

The fine print

Here’s the stuff our lawyers make us include:

  • Renters of dumpsters and/or compactors assume responsibility for contents. By agreeing to our rental terms, you’re assuring that you’re not discarding any of those items list here or any items or any items that otherwise might violate EPA or other governmental regulations.
  • Renters are also responsible for damage to dumpsters or compactors while on-site.
  • You can read full terms and conditions here.